“Art Deden is someone who’s made a huge difference for our dental practice and the quality of our professional lives.

Over the last ten years or so, my team and I have sought counsel and coaching from some of the most prominent dental consultants in the land. We’ve been on a mission to be our potential, rather than just hear about it.

Especially on a hands-on level, Art was most successful of all. Facing some pretty skeptical, strong-willed individuals, Art established relationships and collectively won over our confidence and trust by being an excellent listener and being so authentic in his concern for our success. Art generated ideas and approaches within an effective system and helped us build our dental practice more than 50% in just 18 months.

Art brings a wealth of knowledge, but most importantly, he can find a path allowing folks to have what they want for their business without losing their identity in the process. Art is one of those rare folks who can help you take sometimes difficult steps and like him more for the experience.

There are a handful of individuals in dental health care who have all of our trust, respect, and confidence. Art Deden is one of them. And we at Temple City Dental Care recommend him highly.”

Dr. Jack Von Bulow & Team

Managing Your Dental Practice

If you are like most dentists, when you look at your results you get a bit frustrated because you can’t understand how you work so hard and achieve so little. Most dentists feel that they are doing OK – keeping one step ahead of disappointment – but there is this little voice inside their heads that says, “I can’t seem to get ahead.” That same voice is probably saying, “Work harder.”

Working harder is not the answer. Working smarter is what you need to do.

At Vista Practice Management, we teach you the principles and techniques that help you manage your practice so it is more predictable, less stressful and more successful.

By increasing your case acceptance, improving productivity, creating accountabilities, building teamwork and improving communications, we can teach you how to increase your top-line while managing your expenses so you end up with more going to your bottom-line. Our tools help you work smarter.

Consultants Teach You How to Manage Your Practice

We are successful for four reasons:

  • First, we encourage dental teams to hold themselves to a higher standard;
  • Second, we teach the skills and strategies necessary to achieve goals;
  • Third, we help dental teams to think differently about the practice, their patients and themselves so they can break-through old limitations;
  • Fourth, we work with you and your team members one-on-one inside your practice – where it all happens!

Introduction to a Successful Dental Practice

Our process begins with an introductory call where we learn more about you, your team, your goals, and your challenges. At the same time you learn more about how we operate, our philosophies, our experiences. In essence, this call helps identify how well the practice is operating as a business. Areas that may be underperforming will be uncovered, and we can talk about how your practice may grow if these trouble spots were eliminated.

If, after this call, you feel as though there is a “fit,” we schedule a second call to discuss more details about your practice. These steps are only meant as a starting point. If we agree there is a good match, we will provide you a more in-depth evaluation and recommendations to begin your process of GROWTH and DEVELPOMENT. You’re in control, and there is no cost to determine if we are right for you and your practice.

Whether you are looking for help in one or more areas of your practice, or, if you are looking for a complete program, we have what it takes to meet your needs.

Call today to learn how to make your dental practice a success!
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