Seems most every dentist is on the constant look-out for the latest this or the newest that.  This constant search for the next gadget or gimmick-of-the-week alarms me.  Does it alarm you?  Far too many dentists are ignoring the fact that the solutions we seek are already within us.   I know what you’re thinking…”a practice management consultant who earns his income from selling dentists on hiring his firm is telling me that I already have the answers within me?  Must be an imposter!”

I assure you I have been accursed of being a lot of things…an imposter is NOT one of them.  But hang with me here…when we look for “new stuff” it is almost always because we are ignoring the true causes of our problems and, instead, simply treating the symptoms hoping the problems will go away. Hope is never a successful strategy!

Truth is, the factors that are causing your and your team problems don’t reside outside the four walls of your practice.  It is not the economy, your patients, the ADA, insurance carriers, or the political party in power.  The future of your practice rests on your ability to read the signs and adapt your practice appropriately.  The problems lie inside your practice.

Many dentists would rather place blame for their poor performance than question how they are contributing to the challenges they face.  How about you…is a healthy does of introspection due?

Continued Success

Art Deden