A friend of mine has an incredible family recipe for baked ham that was handed down from generation to generation.  The first instruction was to cut 2″ off one end of the ham.  For years, according to my friend, these instructions were followed without question. 

When the recipe was handed down to the newest member of the family, she asked why the 2″ was to be cut-off.  Did it add to the flavor?  Reduce cooking time?  It wasn’t until the surviving great grandmother was consulted, that the answer was revealed.  “My cooking pan wasn’t big enough so I always had to cut off 2″ to make it fit” was the answer.

How many of your current policies, begun years ago at a lower practice volume, no longer serve you?

Maybe all you need to do to increase your production is to buy a bigger pan!  Is it time to revise your new patient process?  Is it time to improve your patient “hand-off” process?  Can portions of your treatment planning process be delegated to others on your team?  What’s adding extra steps, wasted motion, or needless activity to your mission of providing quality care and service?

Questioning your status quo can be one of the most important aspects to growing your practice.  If everything you currently do is sacred and immune to inspection, you are a prime candidate for practice stagnation!

Continued Success!

Art Deden