“Art helped our practice achieve a higher level of excellence through his truly caring, hands-on approach. He evaluated our practice, customized a plan that fit our goals, and motivated us to carry out the plan.

The result in our practice was an increase in production, improved patient care, and satisfied patients and staff. I highly recommend Art to help with the management of any dental practice.”

Steven E. Smith, DDS

Choose Your Dental Practice Management Program

All three of our Developmental Practice Management Programs are personalized and tailored to the needs of each individual dental or orthodontic practice. These programs provide the fundamental building blocks necessary for creating a highly successful dental practice.

  1. Power Start – Opening a new dental practice is one of the most important decisions a dentist can make; it is also one of the most expensive. Our program guides you through the process step-by-step. We are working with you side-by-side. For more details…
  2. Breakthrough – For “seasoned” practices that are feeling the stress and exhaustion that comes with not achieving your goals. For more details…
  3. Recare – For those practices who are looking to take themselves and their practice to the next level but don’t feel they need (or are ready) our Breakthrough program. For more details…

Power Start Program – Opening a New Dental Practice

Opening a new dental practice is one of the most important decisions a dentist can make; it is also one of the most expensive. Designing, building and outfitting a new practice requires many hours of planning and oversight.

Problem is, most dentists don’t have the experience or the time to dedicate to these critical tasks. Without guidance from someone who has witnessed first-hand the failures and successes of setting up a new dental practice, it can be an even more expensive proposition.

Let us ask you this: you wouldn’t consider doing a root canal without understanding tooth and root morphology would you? So why would you consider opening up a new practice without understanding the “in’s” and “out’s” of building a new office?

Knowledge and Tools You Need for Your New Practice

Vista Practice Management provides you the knowledge and tools needed to create your “dream practice.” We guide you in: securing a business loan that won’t break your budget, designing your office layout so it is efficient, help in hiring and training your new staff, creating a marketing program that attracts the “right” patients, provide office forms and policy manual, create systems that ensure world-class patient service, and much more.

Opening a new dental practice is one of the most expensive endeavors you will ever take. Why leave it to chance? Let us assist you in starting out on the right path. Call us now for more details on our Power Start program.

Call us now for more details on our Power Start program!

Breakthrough Program – Managing Your Dental Practice

The slower you go in developing yourself (and your practice) today, the faster you’ll need to move tomorrow. Today’s world refuses to wait for anyone. We must learn to grow more rapidly, or we’ll fall further and further behind.

There are three primary reasons why “seasoned” practices enlist our help:

  1. The practice has hit a plateau and the team doesn’t know how to take it to the next level
  2. The dentist(s) are exhausted, stressed, busy, and feeling unfulfilled. They may be doing alright financially, but the practice has gotten to the point of managing the dentist rather than the dentist being in control; and
  3. The practice is really struggling financially. High overhead and/or low or declining profits have stopped the practice from realizing its full financial potential.

Achieve the Results You Desire

Our entire focus is on helping our clients achieve the results they desire. Our years of experience, combined with our curriculum and support system, helps create a practice that is more enjoyable, more fulfilling and more rewarding. The processes we use and the methods we teach have been battle-tested…this is not theoretical stuff here!

It takes proven methods of development and growth to build and maintain a successful practice. At Vista Practice Management, we help you master those methods. Here is a partial list of what we teach our clients:

Scheduling for Productivity: Time is one of your most precious resources, and you don’t get a second chance to use it. Your first shot is your last shot. No do-overs. We teach you methods and techniques to manage your time more productively and more efficiently.

Leadership Development: Tipping Point Leadership is a method of leadership that inspires a dental practice to produce spectacular results despite the everyday hurdles it faces. We teach you the principles that lead to breakthrough levels of successes.

Help Patients say YES to Treatment: One of the most frustrating aspects of dentistry is spending considerable time and effort discussing necessary treatment with patients only to hear them respond with, “Let me think about it.” You were “in the zone”: you listened well to the patients concerns, your presentation style was fantastic and your education skills were amazing. And yet, the reaction from your patient was to go home and think about it. Yeah, right! We teach you and your team breakthrough methods that lead to more patients saying “YES” and having them feel good about it.

Financial Systems: Many dental practices are looking for ways to reduce costs while improving the quality of service they give patients. But how to maintain a well-paid staff, stay on the cutting edge of technology, and keep your overhead down is a process that most dentists don’t learn much about in dental school – or anywhere else for that matter! Most dentists are simply taught to “do dentistry” and ignore the numbers part of the practice. Yet, mastering the numbers is an absolute MUST if a dentist wants to experience the optimal financial return he or she has worked so hard to achieve. At Vista Practice Management, we teach you how to understand what the numbers mean. We show you how to properly measure overhead and what you can (and cannot) do about it. We show you ways to improve your bottom-line and manage cash flow…all important elements of running a successful dental practice.

Team Building & Development: Low-performing teams usually lack focus on a collective purpose, a unifying vision. In this type of environment, the goals of the practice are buried beneath blame, finger-pointing, nit-picking, and/or gossip. Without harmony, the team only produces uninspiring results. Team members use time and energy inefficiently, don’t like being at work, and have little fun. The team members complain of being “stuck” and of feeling unfulfilled in their roles. Our program helps teams move from low-performing to high-performing where they consistently produce superior results. Besides, we teach you that your Team represents YOU, the dentist. You went to school for all those years and took huge financial risks for the practice, and Vista Practice Management is dedicated to helping you develop a Team that represents you, your practice and the dental profession with the vision and purpose that YOU deserve to portray.

Communication: If you’ve ever been part of a team where teammates never let each other know what’s going on, then you know how frustrating poor communications can be. The ability of your team members to work together and the ultimate success of your practice hinges on good communication. Learning “how to communicate more effectively” may sound ridiculous or simple, but based on our experience, every practice could use a strong dose of learning. Learn how!

Learn how to improve your dental office team’s results!
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Recare Program – Dental Practice Coaching

This program is intended for those practices happy with where they are and intelligent enough to know that “staying there” requires constant coaching. Many would agree that golfer Tiger Woods is at the top of his game, yet even he has a “golf coach” he works with every day to keep his performance at the highest level. Why not you?

Our coaching program helps you set your own goals, develop your own solutions and ensure you take the necessary action to enhance the quality of your dental practice. Like a training partner at the gym, we hold you accountable for “showing up” and following through on those tasks critical to your practice. By doing so, the results you achieve will be more measureable and more consistent.

Our experience shows that most dentists fail to take action and as a result, their patients suffer, their team suffers and their practice suffers. We are here to help you take the necessary action!

We are here to help you take the necessary action!
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