If you have the unfortunate task of dealing with rush hour traffic, you know how exhausting it can be. Unlike cruising at higher speeds, stop and go traffic requires greater presence and there’s always more opportunity for mishaps.

Many dentists practice this way. Filling a tooth or two, then back to the office to read the latest in a dental magazine. One or two more fillings, then surfing the net for a new boat. Adjusting a crown seat then finishing-up on some charts. Complete a new patient exam then returning a phone call. The day is filled with interruptions and attention stealers making the day unproductive and unfulfilling.

We all have slow times, but during those rhythm-breaking lulls, it is important to remain focused by working onyour practice. Improve your website, clean your desk, review team performance reviews, or determine what barriers are holding your practice back.

By staying in the zone, you’ll deliver better results and help more patients become healthy

Continued Success!

Art Deden