One way some dentists keep their practices small is to overly concern themselves with getting patients to like them. This is often motivated by two unhelpful beliefs:

1. If patients like me they will more likely follow my recommendations.

2. If patients like me, I can influence them without taking an uncomfortable or unpopular stand.

Don’t fall for it!

Showing up as a chameleon, anxious to please others and avoid confrontation, is hard work. Changing colors with every patient, carefully editing every word,  diagnosing only what you think the patient will accept so not to ruffle any feathers is practicing Cowardly Dentistry.

You know the truth. Be bold! Walk in confidence! To be respected you must risk rejection. To attract you must repel. To lead patients you must use your compass, not theirs.

Absolutely be friendly. But be careful that you don’t cross the line between being friendly and being friends.

Continues Success

Art Deden