Product Description

by: Art Deden

Most dental practices are not operating at full capacity, and many are under-performing at alarming rates. If your dental practice is under-performing, or if it is in stagnation, your dissatisfaction is a wake-up call. This book invites you to answer that call! Change your thinking, implement the right tools, and enjoy the practice you always dreamed you could have.

This book will help you identify the barriers preventing you from your goals, and it provides you with “real world” advice to break through the barriers. Each chapter tackles a different challenge and provides content-rich ideas that are fresh, straightforward, and insightful.

Building Your Dream Practice is an encouraging but loud-and-clear reminder that we generate our own success by the choices we make and that today is the best day to start that journey! I want to help you Build Your Dream Practice, but there is Some Assembly Required by you.